Reader Submission: Jack Warner should be held responsible for rising crime

How can Jack Warner take any bit of solace or pride in the crime statistics he recently released? A quick examination of the numbers between 2011 and 2012 show startling trends, which point toward deteriorating security and an ineffective crime-fighting operation. Here are some quick takeaways from 2012:

Murders: up 7%

Wounding/Shooting: up 6%

Sexual Offense: up 43.8%

Kidnapping: up 47.5%

Robbery: up 17%

General Larceny: up 14%

To walk away from this report with confidence in our nation’s ability to fight crime would be like walking away from Carnival thinking Trinis have lost our ability to party. Foolish and you couldn’t be further from the truth! Jack Warners knows somebody must be held accountable. As Security Minister, that person should be him.


San Fernando


Violent and white collar crime still a problem in Trinidad & Tobago

According to a new article in the Trinidad Express, the murder rate for 2012 is up to 302 so far. Two violent crimes were reported at a pool party where youths were liming. According to the article in the Express, “Fatal Attraction,” a 19 year old male was stabbed to death after an altercation over a woman. The article reports that the male was cornered after he and his friends were chased by some of the men involved in the initial argument at the pool.

The other crime occurred after a couple involved in a physical altercation next another party-goer’s vehicle were asked to stop doing so close to his car. The male involved in the physical altercation then stabbed the party-goer in the chest following the victim’s request. The victim is now reportedly at a hospital.

Violent crime is not the only criminal activity taking place in Trinidad. Many believe that Section 34 showcases much more than the ineffectiveness of our government. Some believe it shows clear favoritism and the government’s willingness to prosecute some individuals with less evidence than others they choose not to prosecute. This has caused some to believe government handshakes go a long way. It was not until public outcry that the government repealed Section 34 to ensure that Ish and Steve could not slip through a loophole and avoid charges on allegations of fraud.

Will Warner follow through with drop in crime?

As the murder rate hovers at 247, Jack Warner, the National Security Minister and former scandal-plagued VP of FIFA, promised citizens that a drop in crime was on the way. In a Trinidad Express article published earlier this week, “Warner promises a drop in crime,” Warner was quoted as saying “I am telling you here today, the fight against crime is coming. It will be swift. It will be visible, and believe you me, you will see a downturn sooner rather than later.”

What many will contend though is that the fight on crime should have already come, that Kamla’s SoE should have been more effective than it actually was, that the murder rate should be falling, not stagnating as it is currently. What many will contend is that our officials are behind on their job of making us safe.

According to the Express article, Warner did clarify, however, that his main job objective was keeping business owners “in business” because he understands “…the effects of crime on business activity.” Hopefully his goal of keeping business owners “in business” will translate in to a decreased murder rate too.